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Agriculture and Applied Sciences Consultants (A.A.S.C.) is a newly established technology-based research consulting business, located on Bonnet Court in the Eastern District of the island and is a fully licensed and compliant business. We offer a range of professional services including consulting services, grant writing, proposal writing, business plan development, research project management, project planning/organization, and strategic development planning. We offer our suite of services to government organizations, non-profits organizations, private individuals, firms, agricultural producers/entrepreneurs, and international organizations.

Our Mission

To advance the body of research in agriculture and applied sciences in The Bahamas by providing high quality professional consulting services and maintaining an extensive research database that is easily accessible to all our clients.

Our Vision

To develop an industry leading, agriculture and applied sciences professional consultancy firm that minimizes the knowledge gap in the local research industry.

Our Core

1. Quality: We will strive to produce and maintain the highest quality standards in all areas of work.

2. Integrity: We will make strong ethics a priority in our processes, outputs, behaviour and conduct.

3. Accountability: We will take ownership of our successes, and our failures and take corrective steps to right our wrongs, without excuses.

4. Dependability: We will make honouring or business, time, and financial commitments, to our internal and external customers a company-wide priority.

5. Trust: We will be transparent and honest in all of our dealings to inspire trust by those we serve and those who serve us.

6. Customer Satisfaction: We will work to provide these best products and services to meet and exceed our customer’s needs and expectations.

The Way Forward

Our strategic three-step process to paving the future of AASC involves the following:

Step 1: Build our company’s brand as a respected, reputable, and reliable research consulting firm that provides high-quality. professional services and products.

Step 2: Incorporate the business into a Limited Liability Company in order to facilitate our projected expansion services.

Step 3: Expand our network of applied science consultants to create an environment within the private consulting industry in The Bahamas, where local expertise is the preferred, respected, and valued choice of persons, organizations, and agencies seeking consultancy services.

Interest in AASC Bahamas?

We hope that we are able to provide you with the private consulting services that best suits your needs. We invite you to browse our website at your convenience and feel free to contact us if your have any questions or comments or if you would to join our network.

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