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Zakita Bethel

Feild Expert

Our network partner, Zakita Bethel acts as our Field Expert. She provides agronomy-related research services and also acts as our client liaison within the agricultural sector.

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Ambrosina Forbes

Aministrative Executive

Our network partner, Amber Forbes provides a range of administrative services, business advisory, and speech training services to existing and prospective entrepreneurs.

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Denise Johnson

Business Development Consultant

Our network partner Denise Johnson specializes in the leisure and travel sector and provides client-based marketing services including business & website development services, among other things.

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Janelle Albury

Marketing Expert

Our network partner, Janelle Albury acts as our Marketing Specialist and provides specialized environmentally friendly ethics-based marketing services in education and agriculture.

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Adjuah Cleare

Aministrative Executive

Adjuah is a multi-discipline agricultural and project management professional. She has formally educated in Plant and Soil Science, is a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), and is a Project Management Associate (PMA). Adjuah has a wealth of experience working on projects for local agencies such as the University of The Bahamas (grants, scholarships, and […]

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LaMonica S. Glinton


LaMonica is multidiscipline agriculture and business professional. She is an Agricultural Economist by trade who specializes in Finance, Accounting, Social Science Research, Risk Management, Environmental and Social Performance and Consumer Direct Marketing. She is formally educated in Agricultural Economics with an advanced degree in Agribusiness. In addition, she is certified in Financial Management, Risk Management […]

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